How to Design a Memorable Logo for Your Brand

How to Design a Memorable Logo for Your Brand

A skillfully crafted logo will do much more than provide an aesthetic representation of your brand.  It has the ability to elevate your business and set it apart in a saturated market.  With a few key elements, it is possible to design a logo that sets an appropriate tone for your brand, with true staying power and memorability.

Minimalist Approach

When creating a logo, a minimalist approach is best.  A clean and simple design will be most retainable to an audience. The color scheme should make sense in accordance to the brand you wish to promote.  Using more than three colors translates as busy; choose carefully during the design process.  Avoid complex fonts, or any design that is not immediately recognizable; you want your logo to be an exact reflection of your brand, not a distraction from it.

For example, Nike has strategically used their logo in a wide variety of media campaigns and on their products.  The iconic Nike swoosh is one color, simple, clean and easy to recall in any context.

Brand Consistency

A lot of time and resources are invested in developing your company’s mission, goals, and core characteristics; your logo should embody all of these. Remaining consistent with the image your business aspires to promote is key. You want to create a cohesive flow from your logo to the brand it represents.

Be sure to stay in line with the products and services you provide.  While it isn’t necessary to illustrate this in a literal sense, it is important to establish your brand’s intention.  An image of a cupcake is well suited for a bakery, but not for a technology company.

Ease of Use

Your logo is going to be used across multiple platforms.  Think about how it will appear on product packaging, print and websites.  Make sure it is easy to use and works well in various forms of media and scale.

It should appear the same way in any given format, from billboards to apparel.  When customers see your logo, they should be able to immediately connect it to the brand you have developed, regardless of the environment.

Collect Feedback

It is vitally important to collect feedback on the design and functionality of your logo before your company commits to it.  You want to make sure the logo you release to the public is completely on target with who you are as a brand, and that its interpretation is accurate.

Market testing is a great way to see how customers react to a new logo.  Surveying can provide a wide range of input in a short period of time.  Seeking an opinion from a trusted outside perspective will provide you with non-bias, constructive feedback that you may have overlooked.

Design a Memorable Logo for Your Brand

A good logo is a gateway to your brand. You want it to be remembered, and for the right reasons. Therefore, it is imperative to consider all components of a logo before attaching one to your business.  Hiring a professional logo design agency who has the experience and the expertise to capture the essence of your brand is key to designing a memorable logo for your brand.