6 Eye-Catching Business Card Designs

Your business card will represent you and your brand. Check out these trendy designs to make sure your business card stands out. 

It’s safe to say that you’ve been handed a business card at least once in your life. Whether it’s from trade shows or store kiosks, physical business cards are still a must even in the digital era. Business cards aren’t just used in the real estate industry and by freelancers, even your small business can benefit from having a memorable business card.

The tricky part about designing an eye-catching business card is that it’s often a hit or miss. No consumer or potential partner wants to see a boring and unforgettable business card — if they’re not really interested, your card could end up in a trash bin or be stuck inside a wallet. 

With just one search, you’ll see hundreds of business card ideas online on Behance, Dribbble, and even Pinterest. In this, we’ll give you some examples of eye-catching business card designs to give you inspiration and get those creative juices flowing.

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Business Cards Represent Your Brand

As emphasized, business cards are still relevant. In fact, they’re still irreplaceable.

A business card is a quick, cost-effective, and simple way to present your brand or business to anyone. Aside from your contacts, it should immediately give away what your brand is all about. 

Oftentimes, marketers and business owners think about social media accounts and websites when it comes to making a first impression. However, not everyone can be easily persuaded through the internet. Some people still prefer the personal touch that an eye-catching business card can give.

In some settings or countries, business cards hold such power that it’s treated as a tradition to hand out one. Japan is one of the prime examples of these countries. There, business owners pride themselves on the quality of their business cards; from the paper to the content, they put precise attention to every detail.

Aside from business cards, here are other ways you can make a good impression and promote your business. Read “6 Tools to Help You Promote Your Business.”

Eye-Catching Business Card Designs

Regardless if you’re a graphic designer or a marketer, inspirations are good ways to boost your creative process. Here are 6 eye-catching business card designs that can inspire you:

Modernist Flair

Modernism is an art movement that has taken the business world by storm, especially in recent years. It was first popularized in the mid-1900s but just like with any form of expression, it has made a comeback.

There’s a huge trend where designers experiment with bold lettering, striking colors, and abstract expressions used in almost everything. From posters to social media graphics, designers are embracing the ardent art for their work and you can too for your business card. 

Business Card by Stan Aleyn
Source: Dibbble | Stan Aleyn


Business card by Audrey Elise

Source: Dibbble | Audrey Elise 

Modernism is truly eye-catching. It’s beyond the standard and far from boring because of its flowing nature. Usually, designs use sans serif fonts coupled with circles and triangles to give more character. If you’re planning to go with modernism, you’ll set your business apart from the normal and still keep it timeless.

The Power of Contrasts

In graphic design, contrast is used to direct attention and visual hierarchy, guiding a viewer using a focal point and adding more interest to supplementing elements. Last year, we saw a rise in the use of contrasts in graphics as designers combine pronounced typography with colors.

Business card by Alen Pavlovic

 Source: Dribbble | Alen Pavlovic


Business card by Mr.Mockup™
Source: Dribbble | Mr.Mockup™

The easiest way designers create contrasts is by incorporating big elements and supporting that with smaller and more mute details. The eyes naturally look at what’s standing out, so usually, that’s reserved for the logo or company name. 

Smart Cards

Almost everything has the word smart nowadays — smartphones, smartwatches, and smart cars. New technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) or QR codes have given birth to smart business cards. 

Business card by Basov: UI/UX Design

Source: Dribbble | Basov: UI/UX Design

Business card by Andrew Childless

Source: Blinq.me | Andrew Childless

The fact that you’ve incorporated technology into traditional business cards is already impressive. For example, NFC is a wireless chip that you can embed into a card that allows you to store and share contact details with anyone by just tapping that card into NFC-powered devices. With NFC-embedded business cards, you won’t have to worry about carrying multiple business cards and running out.

You’re definitely catching anyone’s attention with smart business cards because you’re not just making it easier for them to get your contacts, but you’re also enhancing their journey with your brand.

Maximalist In

In the past few years, we’ve seen the staggering rise of minimalism in branding and marketing that has taken over everything, including business card designs. The problem with minimalist designs is that it’s hard to express your brand’s message because of its simplistic nature. Yes, it looks clean and sharp but sometimes it just looks “lazy” — and admit it, with almost everyone using it, is it still eye-catching?

Because of that, some designers and marketers are challenging that trend and their imaginations with maximalist designs.

Maximalism is all about attention-grabbing and splitting from conventionality with daring colors, aggressive tones, and bold shapes. Due to its outstanding characteristics, it can also draw mixed reactions if not done correctly.

Business card by Ryan Prudhomme

Business card by Ryan Prudhomme

Source: Dribbble | Ryan Prudhomme

Business card by Maximalist Studios Ronnie Alley Design

Source: Behance | Maximalist Studios Ronnie Alley Design 

Compared to minimalism, maximalist business cards show a ton of personality, communicating that your brand is not afraid to take unknown paths. Be careful though, there’s a fine line between cluttered and harmonic chaos — thread carefully. 

Retro Business Cards

From fashion to interior decorations, retro has seen a resurgence in modern times, and it’s already expected that it will eventually follow business card design trends. The style is perfect for brands that want to showcase their fun and funky identities as it by its popping colors with flowing elements. 

If you’re looking for some eye-catching business card inspirations, tap into the nostalgic feel by integrating retro concepts with a modern flair.

Business card by Oh Lilly Design
Source: Etsy | Oh Lilly Design

Business card by Chelsea Bunn

Source: Dribbble | Chelsea Bunn

Retro is also a vast design space, encompassing pop art, kaleidoscopic patterns, neon, and psychedelic style. Don’t be afraid to express your brand by embracing familiarity.

Not-Really-A-Card Business Card

We’ve seen a huge shift from traditional business cards with an overly corporate feel over recent years. One of the biggest design trends that makes people look again is anti-card.

Tired of seeing the standard shape whether it’s cardboard or plastic? Anti-cards are creative business cards that can be made using materials such as wood, paper, or even metal. It’s not the most cost-effective approach but at least you’re bound to stand out.

Business card by Elliot Ulm
Source: Behance | Elliot Ulm

Business card by just_Spike™

Source: 99designs | just_Spike™

Meta concepts also fit in the anti-card category. Designers are free to express their humor and creativity, incorporating puns and even being self-referential. By letting your imagination run wild, you can come up with interactive cards that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Go With What You Like

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to go with the design that looks great for you. The key to deciding which design principle you should go for is to reflect on what best represents your business’ brand identity. 

Trends are fun to follow, but if your business card looks detached from your brand, it’s not effective. Remember that business cards are a marketing tool and a way to share your contact with other people. 

With that said, don’t forget to include all the crucial contact information such as your phone number and email address. Always remember to double and triple-check everything before you print your unique business card. 

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