No business can thrive without customer awareness. It’s important that potential customers must know who you are and what you offer. These customer awareness tips help small businesses access and grow their customer base.  Even if your brand offers the... READ MORE >>

TV ads are a great way to reach large audiences, but can be expensive and offer shallower insights into their impact on audiences. Digital media, on the other hand, allows companies to target buyers, track metrics, and adjust their strategy... READ MORE >>

Businesses need to evaluate brand insights in order to meet their customers’ expectations. By looking through different communication channels and other areas, companies can better understand their audience through insightful takeaways. Uncovering the key information about customers is easier said... READ MORE >>

Brand evolution is common for companies as they adjust to changing trends and customer values and desires. Unlike a full rebrand, a brand evolution entails changes to a company’s logo, messaging, etc. Learn more with examples from Pepsi, Vogue, and... READ MORE >>

Companies need to motivate their employees to secure their commitment and support and drive company performance. Internal branding strategies should excite employees through programs, incentives, and transparency about company goals. As important as it is to market your company to... READ MORE >>

Brand assets are the various elements that make up your brand identity and make it easy for customers to easily recognize your brand and differentiate it from others in the market. Brand assets represent a company’s identity in the same... READ MORE >>

These informative advertising examples use facts to convince a target audience to take a desired action. Whereas persuasive advertising uses emotional appeals, informative advertising highlights research and draws product comparisons to promote awareness and persuade consumers. It’s difficult to reach... READ MORE >>

Green marketing allows companies to demonstrate their environmentally-friendly credentials by focusing on the ecological benefits of their products or services. The examples in this article from Patagonia, The Body Shop, Carlsberg, Lacoste, and Starbucks show how green marketing works. Green... READ MORE >>

Technical marketing targets tech-savvy audiences by promoting technical product features and specifications. Beyond engaging a technically knowledgeable audience, technical marketing can improve companies’ rankings in search engines. Technical marketers provide valuable expertise and fulfill unique roles to support the success... READ MORE >>

Advanced marketing strategies are creative approaches to marketing that include social media, influencers, events, emails, ads, and data. Learn from popular companies that ace advanced marketing, such as Geico, Chich-fil-A, Netflix, and Ford. The world of marketing is always evolving,... READ MORE >>

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