While ever-evolving dynamic logos are in-style, are they worth the costly investment? In comparison, a static logo is arguably more effective at establishing brand recognition. Read on to determine which one is right for your business. Recently, many logo design... READ MORE >>

Graphic design shapes, like any other design element, play an important role in creating structure and movement in a composition. However, they are associated with different characteristics and can convey anything from security and peace to friendliness, growth, or environmentalism.... READ MORE >>

Digital graphics are visual aids that can help you communicate with your audience through their phones, desktops, and other digital formats. Whether you’re trying to grow your brand, advertise your products, or educate your customers, here’s what you need to... READ MORE >>

By combining the seven principles of design — balance, scale, contrast, repetition, movement, and emphasis — you can create unity in graphic design. In doing so, your business will ensure that your composition is visually appealing and communicates your message... READ MORE >>

Lines in graphic design — whether they’re vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zigzag, or curved — can be used to add style to your composition and emphasize the most important information in your design. Learn how you can use this graphic design... READ MORE >>

These well-known brands created unique typographic ads to make their campaigns stand out. Learn how adjusting their typography helped them reemphasize their brand and call attention to their message. Great advertising is all about catching your audience’s attention and delivering... READ MORE >>

What is editorial design: a subset of graphic design that uses typography, graphics, layouts, and images to improve readability for publications such as magazines, newspapers, books, and websites. Editorial design refers to designing pages and screens for content-driven publications such... READ MORE >>

Well-designed typography layouts can help you create brand awareness, guide readers through your content, and deliver your message more effectively. As you design your text, keep these elements in mind. Words and letters do more than deliver a message to... READ MORE >>

Design has monumental impacts on a business’s ability to succeed. With a thoughtful design strategy, you’ll be primed to take on design challenges. Interested designers must establish their design strategy before tackling challenges with their team. Design is key to... READ MORE >>

A logo and an icon may sound like the same thing to many. However, there are nuanced differences and uses for each visual asset. This article will dive into significant differences between a logo and an icon, including how design... READ MORE >>

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