5 Ways Content Creators Are Leveraging AI for Social Media

To succeed in the modern social media scene, content creators have to bring their A-game. In this article, we’ll learn exactly how the top creators are beating the algorithm by leveraging AI tools.

AI is everywhere these days, and social media is no exception.

If you hadn’t realized already, search suggestions and your social feed are all AI-generated. But it’s not just the platforms that benefit from AI. The best social media content creators and influencers use a suite of AI tools to stay on top of the search.

The algorithms will reward those who consistently publish high-quality and engaging content, and creators can earn a lucrative return if they can best meet the criteria.

Although it might sound daunting, AI can streamline the entire process, from video editing to drafting content to content repurposing, saving a lot of time and money.

If you want to become a content creator, AI is a great way to fast-track your journey. Below are five ways you can use AI to create engaging and optimized content for social media based on examples from some of the most successful creators in the game!

5 Ways Content Creators Can Use AI for Social Media 

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Generate Copy 

Generative AI has been a game-changer for creating copy.

The range of generative AI writing platforms is wide, from the poster boy ChatGPT, to lesser-known tools such as Writesonic and Claude.

Using ChatGPT to write Copy 

How about using ChatGPT to boost views and retention?

YouTuber Jonny Shapland, who focuses primarily on mastering AI for content creation, uses ChatGPT to brainstorm short videos for YouTube and Instagram. He prompts ChatGPT to create questions and answers that hook viewers and retain their attention for the duration of the video. Shapland repeated the process for 300 videos and counting, which generated an income of over $25,000 and counting.

Social media creator heyDominik shares how to ‘explode’ your Instagram by leveraging ChatGPT to produce attention-grabbing text for carousel posts. He also explains how AI can help build your entire content strategy with some basic yet clever prompting.

ChatGPT and other generative AI writing tools are a foundation for creators looking to fast track building great content. However, mass-producing text with ChatGPT comes with a warning. Without editing and proper prompting, your content could end up being mediocre, robotic, and unable to pass AI-detection scrutiny from Google and websites.

Similar to the creators discussed here, implement a specific strategy to create AI-generated text that will help optimize your creation of high-quality content. 

Image Creation and Video Enhancement

Similar to generative AI writing tools, there exists a wide range of AI image and video creation tools, including Midjourney, RunwayML, and Adobe Firefly, all featuring their own unique capabilities.

Features within these tools offer capabilities far beyond basic photo and video editing. They can create original high-quality imagery, modify existing images without the need to learn Photoshop, and even generate video entirely from AI!

Generic YouTube thumbnail of an excited man wearing glasses making an exaggerated face. 
Popular AI YouTube creator Matt Wolfe illustrates how you can use ChatGPTs to create unique and creative new content for your channels using its latest released computer vision functionality. This is an incredible way to help generate unique and attention-grabbing content.

Video editing has also become decisively fast with AI. Tools like Adobe Sensei allow for the automation of certain editing tasks, which saves loads of time whilst retaining the quality.

Features like audio clipping, auto-re-frame, and object removal make it cheaper and easier for all creators to produce better videos in a fraction of the time needed for traditional editing.

Starting with a tool that matches your specific content needs will make video and image editing significantly easier, democratizing visual media content to all aspiring creators.

Productivity and Repurposing Content

AI is a powerful tool for optimizing productivity and helping creators improve their content workflows.

Tools like AI caption generators, automated dubbing, and various other repurposing tools allow creators to extract the maximum value from their content.

YouTube creator Ali Abdall uses Notion AI to create bullet points from his blog posts, instantly repurposing the copy into relevant Twitter content for his followers. The influencer also uses Otter.ai to transcribe all of the channel’s content to then pick out the best bits and use snippets for his various social media accounts.

Content creators must always aim for high productivity, and repurposing content with AI is an excellent way to get the most from your hard work.

Social Media Scheduling and Monitoring

The intro of this post highlights the importance of consistent, frequent posting at optimal times of day when traffic is high. Meeting this criteria is demanding for busy creators, but is an essential key to growing on social media.

Powerful AI tools like Buffer allow creators to fully schedule and automate their content creation calendars and post to various social media platforms consistently and reliably.

Buffer AI assistant user interface creating an Instagram post 

Tools like Hootsuite also enable creators to track analytics, review engagement from different platforms, and see what channels perform best. This AI-powered number crunching provides insights into where creators must focus their efforts given their specific goals. 

Content Translation and Dubbing

AI translation and dubbing tools are becoming a powerful asset for content creators looking to expand their global reach.

Pioneered by platforms like YouTube and TikTok, AI translation tools allow creators to easily and accurately auto-translate their video content into multiple languages, gaining a wider international audience.

Traditional approaches to global audiences required creators to manually create and manage multiple channels for different language-speaking audiences, which was time-consuming and logistically challenging.

Instagram creator Adam Waheed used an AI dubbing app to translate his videos into several languages while maintaining the original voice tone and emotional nuances. It took Waheed 15 minutes to translate a video, resulting in views on his YouTube channel to triple from 11.5 billion to 35 billion.

Depending on your niche, your content’s popularity could see significant benefit from employing these simple-to-use AI dubbing applications.

Tips For Getting Started with AI

The great news is that getting started with powerful generative AI has literally never been easier. Here are some simple tips to start integrating AI into your workflow:

  • Choosing the Tool: Once you've identified your needs, begin your research. Look into user reviews, feature lists, and pricing options. Opt for tools that are reputable and align with your budget and requirements.
  • Integrating into Your Workflow: Most modern AI tools offer integrations with popular content management systems or other software. Ensure that the tool can be embedded into your existing processes with minimal friction. If possible, run a pilot phase or leverage a free trial to gauge effectiveness before full-scale implementation.
  • Understanding Learning Curves: Every new tool comes with its learning curve. Invest some time in tutorials, beginner projects, webinars, or workshops. Remember, the goal is to understand not just the operational aspect but also how to interpret the outputs effectively.
  • Have a Go: The best way to get started is to just start! Try not to be intimidated by these AI tools and have a go!

Balancing Human Touch and Automation

While AI can bring speed and efficiency, content devoid of a human voice will not only come across as sterile but also may even be penalized by AI detection on social media platforms.  

While AI has many benefits and can build a great foundation for your content, it’s best used to aid the creative process rather than serve as a final product.

Use AI for brainstorming, automating simple tasks, and creating original media.

As the brand of your site, you have to overlay your voice and style into all AI-generated content.

Generative AI is exponentially speeding up social media content creation by enabling access to efficient and easy-to-use tools.

The tech is being used across the board by some of the biggest creators in the game, often with very impressive results.

By incorporating AI tools into your workflow, you can not only save time but also enhance the quality and reach of your content.

Just remember to be careful not to rely too heavily on the AI. Keep your own personal voice shining throughout the content! 

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