3 Examples of Excellent UI UX Design

It’s a lot more difficult to find good examples of UI UX design than it is to find the bad ones, because while a bad example sticks out like a sore thumb, the best UI and UX designs often fade into the background of our web experience. The sites delight us and are easy to use, but we can’t always pinpoint exactly what is so great about them. We’ve compiled 3 examples of excellent UI UX design to showcase some of the up-and-coming trends in the industry.

Mikiya Kobayashi’s Portfolio

You may wonder where the scroll bar is when you land on Mikiya Kobayashi’s portfolio. As the images fade in and out, you are drawn into his work. You want to learn more. The subtle scroll button at the bottom of the large splash page invites you to look at the site more in a more in depth way, once you are ready to draw your eyes from the large, appealing images. Click it, and the large image disappears completely, replaced with a grid of his works and a simple navigation menu that puts you in control of your digital experience.

ETQ. Amsterdam

A tinted splash screen draws your attention to the most important elements, which are untinted on the ETQ. site. Simple text points you in the right direction without clouding your judgment. Once again, the images do most of the work, but the words are there to guide you as you navigate the site. A simple menu that drops down to showcase header images helps you make your decision on this clean and enticing website.

Inside Abbey Road

If you aren’t captivated by Google’s new site, Inside Abbey Road, the moment you click on it, we’d be surprised. An excellent video with famous photos overlaying Google Maps’ street view greets you as the POV camera walks you to the front door of Abbey Road Studios. Click the front door to step inside, and you will find an interactive experience that takes your usual street view controls to the next level. These sites are breaking the mold of UI UX design. Do you have an upcoming project that requires UI UX design? Check out our directory to find a qualified design firm near you, or work with one of our top UI UX design agencies.