The Importance of a Social Media Strategy

Social media has taken over the marketing world, and if you don’t have a social media strategy, you are seriously behind the curve. Why is a social media strategy so important and what can you do to optimize yours? Read on to learn about the importance of a social media strategy and what you can do to get yours on track.

The Benefits of Social Media

Your customers are on social media multiple times a day, every day interacting with friends, family, and the brands they love. They enjoy connecting with new brands, and social interactions feel less spammy than traditional marketing to them. Most importantly, social media is great for increasing your reach exponentially because of the power of social proof. When a person recommends your brand or product by liking or sharing a post, his or her friends automatically view your brand in a more positive light. Get multiple shares, comments, and/or likes on that post, and the social proof continues to increase. The more people who have interacted with your post or page, the more trustworthy and interesting potential customers will view you to be. (Want more reasons you need a social media strategy? Check out Social Media Today)

The Importance of a Social Media Strategy

If you don’t have a strategy, it is likely that your social media efforts are not translating to results. Building a social media strategy will help you choose which platforms are the best fit for your content and develop a plan for maximizing the effectiveness of your time on those platforms.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

First, you have to decide which platforms are the best fit for your brand. Once you choose a platform, determine what type of content you want to post to connect with your customers. Remember, keep it social and helpful rather than overly promotional. Then, develop a schedule or plan and optimize as necessary. Need some help getting your social media strategy developed and/or implemented? Our top social media consultants can help. (Oh, and if you represent a design firm, you should definitely get listed in our directory.)

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