8 Biggest Logo & Brand Changes

We see logos and interact with brands all day, every day. When a company switches things up, they spend tons of money on research and design to make sure they don’t alienate their consumer base. 2016 saw some major redesigns. Some were controversial; others were well-received. Check out our list of the 8 biggest logo and brand changes of 2016.

Bud Light

Bud Light’s iconic can has been completely redesigned with a new logo and a background image that ties the design more strongly to the iconic Budweiser can. Still, they kept the colors the same to keep with its well-established visual identity.

Peace Corps

The major elements of the Peace Corps logo were all pulled out and pieced back together in a modern display. They managed to keep the same feel while simplifying the design enough that it can be recognizable at any size. The color palette has been subtly updated as well to bring more contrast to the dove.


As the photography industry has evolved, Kodak has changed as well. This year, they updated their logo to include a graphical representation of light in the form of a K. The actual name has been capitalized and downsized considerably to create a logo that works well in a square space.


Uber just about broke the internet with their redesign which was done in house. The change to a bolder font with letters closer together was barely noticed, but people universally hated the new app. It had a cluttered background and strange white shape to represent a token. The background was ditched later, but the token symbol still reigns.


Many companies are moving toward a more graphic identity, but AT&T ditched the word altogether. Their logo no longer includes the company name, but sticks to the blue globe. They were banking on brand recognition to fill in the gap for consumers, and it worked.


Pandora redesigned everything this year, changing color scheme, font, and app icon all at once. Everything was given a lighter feel with a move to lowercase letters, lighter blue, and an icon that bucks tradition with an unconventional take on the letter P.


Instagram’s update shook people to the core. The kitschy camera icon was replaced with a modern white outline on a rainbow gradient. The new design actually looks like a mobile camera instead of a polaroid, but it still has the same shape. They worked hard to keep things recognizable, but that didn’t keep people from complaining.


You don’t have to do something drastic to modernize a brand. MasterCard hadn’t changed their design in 20 years and it was time. All they did was get rid of the lines in the middle of the circles by making them overlap, change the font, and move the name below the icon. These changes, though minor, completely changed the feel of the logo while still feeling incredibly familiar to loyal consumers.

Making a logo change or a complete rebrand of your company can be difficult to pull off on your own. Hiring a professional branding and logo design agency who has the experience and the expertise to capture the essence of your brand identity is key to a successful rebrand.