Emblem Logos: Are They Right For Your Company?

One of the most challenging parts of establishing a new business is to pin down a brand identity and visually represent it through a logo design. Many companies have turned to emblem logos for a strong, stable, reliable look. Their advantages make them attractive to businesses across industries.

When choosing a logo, there are seemingly endless possibilities. While this is an exciting chance to showcase your brand identity in a creative, visual way, determining the best type of logo for your business can be overwhelming.

Emblem logos are a strong option for your company’s logo. Featuring both a brand mark and identifying typography, the emblem logo is a recognizable way to communicate using multiple visual elements.

Emblem logos are favorites of large-scale organizations and corporations that have become successful mainstays in their industries. This article will outline emblem logos and how they’re used effectively to guide businesses in their logo design decisions.

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What Is an Emblem Logo?

Emblem logos are sometimes described as logo badges because they resemble a button, pin, or crest. The emblem logo is a brand mark or symbol that contains text within the shape.

This type of logo offers a sophisticated, stable appearance that attracts brands of all kinds. However, emblem logos are particularly popular among automotive companies, schools, and government agencies.

Emblem Logo Advantages

  1. Emblems are a symbol of strength
  2. Logo badges convey stability
  3. Emblem logos differentiate brands

Like any type of logo, there is an assortment of advantages and best use cases for emblem logos.

Companies should map out their intended brand characteristics and identities prior to selecting a type of logo. From there, you can see if your brand identity preferences align with the benefits of an emblem logo.

Emblems Are a Symbol of Strength

People consider emblems symbols of strength. They appear to be rich with history and longevity, similar to a crest, which employs the same shape as many emblem logos.

Companies looking to portray an image of longevity and fortitude to consumers may be best served by an emblem logo. Historical organizations such as Harvard and many government agencies use emblem logos to highlight their impressive histories and enduring strength.

If your company wants to appear withstanding and robust, consider an emblem logo as part of your brand identity.

Logo Badges Convey Stability

Emblem logos communicate feelings of stability and reliability to consumers.

This is due primarily to their stable structure, keeping typography securely contained within the contour of the brand symbol.

Additionally, many famous emblem brand marks resemble shields or crests. While giving these emblem logos a fortified element of strength, this look and feel also provides an equal feeling of stability and reliability.

This is why automotive companies may rely on emblem logos as a way of communicating with customers. When purchasing a new car, safety is one of the biggest concerns. Simply by choosing an emblem logo, car manufacturers are beginning to position themselves as a reliable option that consumers can count on.

Logo badges effectively elevate a brand’s sense of reliability and security.

Emblem Designs Differentiate Brands

In addition to opportunities to appear solid and stable, emblem logos also differentiate companies who select them.

Government agencies, schools, sports teams, and car companies are the most likely to choose an emblem logo. For companies existing outside of these industries, an emblem logo may appear pretty unique.

This makes emblem logos very attractive to other consumer brands who value appearing both strong and reliable. Companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks used emblem designs for years and stood out with their logos in the fast-food industry. They’re some of the most popular and well-recognized logos out there.

When they selected emblem logos, they were not common in their industry but well-respected and recognized within other lines of business.

Companies in a similar position may want to take advantage of the opportunity to differentiate themselves through an emblem logo.

Emblem Examples in Established Logos

Countless companies use emblem logos to establish themselves as reliable, robust, and different from their competitors. BMW and the NFL are just two examples of emblem logos working effectively within popular industries.

BMW is a luxury car company that elected to create an emblem logo containing its company name and a circular blue and white crest.


BMW Logo
Source: Car Logos

The traditional look gives the brand a sense of historical quality. The enclosed shapes within the brand mark and the crest-like design formulate a sense of reliability.

As a luxury car company, it benefits BMW to have a stable, high-quality brand identity because of its products. The emblem logo perfectly suits the brand.

Similarly, the NFL adopted an emblem logo for similar reasons. The logo is shaped like a shield and contains the colors red, white, and blue. Additionally, there are stars and a football icon above the company’s name.

The color selection makes it clear that the company supports American values and sports. The choice of the emblem logo specifically furthers the organizational mission of promoting ideas of tradition and strength.

NFL logo

Source: American Football Films

Football is all about strength, strategy, and competition. The emblem logo’s shield shape calls to mind feelings of grit as a classic symbol of power.

Furthermore, the shield logo design makes the organization feel traditional and historic. Football has become an American tradition that brings families together, especially around the winter holidays. The emblem logo suits brands like the NFL, looking for a traditional look.

Emblem Designs Fortify Brands

Emblem logos are essential for giving companies the appearance of tradition, strength, reliability, and differentiation. Companies looking to choose a type of logo for their own business should reflect on their brand identity to see if an emblem logo is the right choice for them.

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