5 Content Types That AI Cannot Take Over From Writers

Recent developments in AI have left people wondering how it will redefine writing as we know it. AI has come a long way and can be of great help when creating content. However, it can’t serve as an absolute replacement for writers due to certain content types that require a human touch.

Did you know that 81% of business leaders around the globe think of content as their core marketing strategy? Not only does it help you connect with a relevant audience, but it also enables you to outperform your competition by increasing your online presence.

However, content creation is an intricate and time-consuming process. And that’s one of the reasons why many have started leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT, CopyAI, Midjourney, and more to create text or visual content.

AI has taken the world by storm. And with all the hype around AI-powered content solutions, one can’t help but wonder: will AI be replacing human writers in the future?

The answer to that question is quite simple. No.

AI has come a long way. It’s continuously learning and adapting with each passing day. But despite all the benefits that AI has to offer, it has a few limitations.

AI tools for creating content are powerful, but they cannot replace writers, as certain types of content require a human touch. This article outlines 5 types of content that AI will never be able to execute the way a writer would. 

ChatGPT example

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Why AI Won’t Replace Writers

Before diving into the types of content that AI isn’t best suited to create, let’s explore what the future has in store for human writers.

AI has caused writers worldwide to question their career choices. But despite all its growth and advancements over the years, AI can’t be a fitting substitute for humans. And that’s because humans possess certain characteristics that AI doesn't. Emotional intelligence is at the top of the list.

When it comes to research, humans can never compete with AI. In a matter of seconds, AI-powered tools can gather information from thousands of data sources and present it in front of you in an organized fashion. But technology can never replace humans when it comes to creating tailored content.

AI-generated content can be well-researched, comprehensive, and coherent, but it would lack important elements like creativity, empathy, and personal experiences. And for that, you’d need a human touch.

Humans have diverse writing styles because of their ability to think and convey a message to their respective audiences is shaped by their life experiences. And that’s what sets humans apart from AI.

Humans are capable of creating thought-provoking content because of their ability to get acquainted with the audience's sentiment and deliver the message in the best possible way. The same can’t be said for AI.

Therefore, it goes without saying that AI can help us create informative content. However, the tools won’t replace humans completely, especially when it comes to creating certain types of content.

Five Content Types That AI Cannot Take Over For Writers.

  1. Creative content
  2. Personalized content
  3. User-generated content
  4. Trending topics
  5. Expert reviews

Creative Content

One of the types of content that AI won’t take over for writers is creative content. This content encompasses original ideas that are the outcome of human intuition and imagination.

Creative content example


Humans are unique and have the ability to perceive things differently. The thought process of one individual may vary from another due to different upbringing, exposure to knowledge, and life experiences. And that has a significant influence on the way we think and create content.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, relies on the data it’s trained on and uses the recognized patterns to generate content for you.That’s why the content generated by AI lacks originality and innovation, as the output is dictated by users’ prompts processed through predetermined learning models.

Personalized Content

The key to creating engaging content is being familiar with the needs and preferences of the intended audience. For content to work its magic, you have to empathize with your audience and help them find answers to their questions in a way that’s deemed appropriate. And that is something only humans are capable of doing.

Personalized content for snapchat example


AI can predict the behavior of your target audience using past data and use that information when creating content, but it lacks adaptability due to the absence of emotional intelligence. So, it won’t be possible for AI to accurately gauge users’ intent behind a particular action or factor in the possibility of a change in their preferences.

According to 67% of marketers, personalization helps boost engagement, increase conversions, and retention. Therefore, humans are better at creating personalized content compared to AI-powered tools, especially when the content strives to establish an opinion or drive a particular action like a purchase.

User-Generated Content

Did you know that user-generated content like customer reviews and testimonials influences the buying decisions of 90% of people?

People are often indecisive when it comes to making purchase decisions. Hence, they rely on the recommendations of their friends and family to make up their minds. Thus, adding social proof to your website is mandatory, as it helps stimulate a buying decision.

Technically, it’s inappropriate for you to leverage artificial intelligence to produce user-generated content. It’s supposed to be created by your customers to guide your prospects.

Sprout social posts user generated content


Trending Topics

AI is continuously evolving and learning new concepts. However, its access to information is limited to its training models. For example, the training data of ChatGPT has access to information until the end of the year 2021. And that has a significant impact on the way it creates content for you.

Trending topics on Twitter


It’s highly unlikely for AI tools to process data beyond their training, and that limits their access to the latest information. This makes it difficult for AI-powered solutions to create well-thought-out and engaging content around the latest or trending topics.

Expert Reviews

As said earlier, humans can’t keep up with AI when it comes to research. AI is capable of exploring thousands of information sources instantly and facilitating your access to relevant information.

However, despite all its capabilities, AI lacks domain-specific expertise to help you produce expert reviews. For example, an email marketer would be better suited to create content comprising a list of the best email automation solutions in 2023 compared to AI. 

Expert reviews require you to onboard specialists in their respective fields to help you create meaningful and thorough content. AI can’t make up for the knowledge and years of experience of these professionals. So, the content it creates for you would be generic and incapable of driving the desired traction.

A Humans Touch Remains Indispensable to Content Creation

Considering all the benefits associated with AI, it’s a no-brainer that AI would redefine the content creation process and facilitate writers in producing relevant content in the years to come.

However, the technology won’t be able to overtake the content creation process completely due to its limitations. And to make up for those, you’d need a human touch to make your content relatable and engaging for the respective audience.

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