UPDATED October, 2021

50 Email Marketing Firms in Portland

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How do you hire a email marketing agency in Portland for your business? To find the right company, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an email marketing firm skilled in digital design. Email marketing campaigns require great copy and flawless visuals. An email marketing consultant that can both write well and create the visual assets needed for the email makes the process more efficient.
  2. Pick an entertaining writer. Email marketing works best when the writing immediately catches attention and draws people in. Email marketing agencies should be concise writers who know how to draft CTAs that convert customers.
  3. Look for an understanding of your audience demographics. The best email marketing campaigns are segmented and personalized to appeal to your large audience on an individual level.

With hundreds of email marketing firms to choose from, how do you get started? Our list of the best email marketing firms includes client reviews, minimum project size, team size, specialty services, and client focus. Define the services you need, project goals, and budget to begin narrowing your choices. If you need help creating a shortlist, tell us about your project and receive personalized recommendations.

List of the Best Email Marketing Agencies in The Rose City

Portland, OR
Freelancer employees
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Founded in 2018, Tara Blaine, a small branding firm, is in Portland, Oregon. Their services include branding, content marketing, email marketing, marketing strategy, and more.


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