2018 - 2019 Web Design Trends

A lot can change in the span of 12 months. Just like in fashion, web design elements and practices can go in and out of style, fast. In this article, we’ve compiled five of the emerging trends in web design aesthetics, elements, and best practices.

Semi-Flat Design

The era of Flat 2.0 is approaching. Flat 2.0, or semi-flat, is the new to-go interface design approach for many big brands. This design trend takes advantage of web browser performance advancements to reintroduce gradients and shadows. These gradients and shadows are very different from the ones used in the yesteryear. Gradients will now appear in subtler and softer color transitions. The color palettes are also more vibrant and modern. Shadows will also be softer and more stylized. It will find heavy use to provide depth and accentuate cues in the visual hierarchy of interface elements.

Asymmetric Layouts

Rapid developments in technology challenge long-held standards in web design. For example, the need for responsive web design has pushed web designers to think outside the box. This resulted in a shift to flexible grid layouts in the early 2010s. Every design element needs to display seamlessly in different screen sizes, after all. This design trend soon evolved into the asymmetric grid layout trend that’s been slowly growing in popularity in the past several years. In 2018, more and more big brands adapted this design trend, with a majority of them focused on the aesthetic impact of the unconventional layout.

Integrated Micro-Animations and Custom Illustrations

These two often go hand in hand. Both create visual engagement without compromising functionality. Micro-animations have the dynamic appeal of videos but in a smaller, more subdued package. Custom illustrations, on the other hand, are often used to inject personality and an element of fun. The main appeal is the break from the straightforward approach of many websites in serious industries like banking and finance. These animations and graphical elements can create a unique brand experience and give an impression of approachability.

AI Technologies

It’s now common to see AI technologies incorporated in web design. This often comes in the form of conversational interface technologies like chatbots, or machine learning technologies like automated suggestions. Experts believe that web designers can easily adapt to this emerging technology. New AI web implementations show that technology can seamlessly act as a natural element in web design.

Bold Colors & Typography

Bold, vibrant, and highly saturated colors will continue to dominate in 2019. These colors often clash against each other, providing a strong visual pull. Bigger, bolder, and more inventive uses of typography will further enhance the visual appeal. Serif fonts will make a big comeback, mostly in the form of oversized typography cutouts. The focus will be on aesthetics and strong brand recall.