Top Careers in Web Design

Web design is typically used as a catchall term to describe anyone working on the design and development of websites, but there are quite a few different career options within the web design arena. Below are some of the top careers in web design.

Software Engineer

Software engineers typically work in an office and are responsible for making multiple pieces of coded software work together. Some of the most common skills possessed by software engineers include C++ programming, C#, and Javascript.

Web Developer

Web developers are the coders behind websites. They build the actual functionality of websites and often work in an office setting, though many freelance or start their own agencies. Skills contributing to increased pay include Angular.js, ASP.NET Framework, and C# Programming Language.

Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for the aesthetic design of a website, though many people use this term to refer to anyone who works on a website in any way. Web designers can work in an office setting, but many freelance or own their own agencies, often maintaining websites for their clients after the initial design. Skills contributing to increased pay include User Interface Design, JavaScript, Web Design, and e-Commerce.

User Experience (U/X) Designer

User experience designers are all about function and accessibility. They often work with other designers and developers to create the overall website and have integral input at every stage of the project. Many work in offices for specific companies, but experts in this field can earn quite a bit through consultation. Skills contributing to increased pay include User Research, Interaction Design, and User Interface Design.

Creative Director

Creative directors oversee all creative work within an agency or company. They almost always work within a company, though they may be creative individuals who have started their own creative agencies. Skills contributing to increased pay include User Interface Design, Copywriting, Team Leadership, and Strategic Marketing.

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