How to Select the Right Web Design Agency

Building a website is very similar to building a home. Asking how much a websites costs without having the proper blueprint for it and what features you want is like asking how much a home costs without an architectural blue print. It’s impossible to determine a price for the cost of building a new home without considering things like how many bedrooms you want or what type of material you want to use, and in a similar sense, the same goes for building a website. So, before you get a price for a website, it’s important that you share with the website design agency you’re working with as much information and detail as possible. That being said, selecting the right company can be a very difficult feat. There are numerous options and expert agencies within the space to consider. Surrounding our agency for example, within a 10 block radius of our NYC headquarter, there are more than dozen web shops and digital agencies. Not every web design agency is the right fit for every client, and not every client is the right fit for every web design agency. Both brands and agencies have certain skills, needs, and qualities to consider that are critical to helping a website become successful. Below are 5 questions to ask and points to consider when you’re in the process of selecting the best website design agency for your brand:

1. What’s At Stake?

If you’re an established business, or a start-up, with a serious goal such as increasing conversions or improving revenue to a certain amount in order to help your bottom line, than you want to hire a serious agency to help you achieve those objectives. If your goals are sizable, you should not be looking to cut corners on cost, because ultimately a great site will more than pay for itself, while a poorly designed website will be a waste of time, money, and opportunities. When looking to hire a new website design agency, always ask yourself first: how important is this project?

2. Compare Apples to Apples

Don’t ask the agencies you’re considering to come to you. Instead, go into their offices and get a firsthand feel as to what their operations are like. The best brands will investigate the operations when working with a new vendor and this is critical to finding the agency that will best suit your needs. Understand their culture and meet the team you will potentially be working with face-to-face. If your website is important to you, than make the investment and go meet with them in person to gain a better understanding as to who they are and what they can do for your brand. Do your due diligence and make sure you’re selection of which agency to work with is the right choice.

3. Understand You’re Buying Talent

Many people treat the process of buying a website like buying a commodity, however in reality, when you’re paying to build a new website that is not the case. You’re buying a team’s expertise in building a proper digital strategy to support your site. You’re buying a team’s expertise in building a creative yet effective design. You’re buying a team’s expertise in terms of project management and backend development. All of these elements are crucial, skilled services, so it’s important to keep that in mind when pricing out the service that you’re going to receive.

4. Are The Experts Thought Leaders?

If it’s important for you to work with a team that is proactive and that are leaders in the industry, do some research to see if the experts are thought leaders. As thought leaders, the team should have valuable insights and resources to share with you. Check out their blog to read industry news, look into the seminars that they speak at, and read articles from relevant media outlets that feature the experts you will be working with. Do what you can to understand what exactly it is that makes this team worthwhile, and what exactly it is that makes them influencers in the design industry. If you want a site that reflects a higher-level of skill, you need a team working on your project that reflects that same level of expertise.

5. What Is Their Track Record?

Finally, you want to know, who are some of the long withstanding clients that these agencies have worked with? What has the agency done to improve the website and digital presence of these clients? The agency that you work with doesn’t have to have case studies and experience working from your exact industry, but more importantly, they should have experience dealing with challenges similar to the one that your brand presents. Hearing how the agency has dealt with issues and the tactics that allowed them to achieve certain goals is important to understanding the sort of strategy the agency would employ when working with you.

Finding The Right Website Design Agency for Your Brand

A website is your most important marketing and communication tool and perhaps your strongest lead generator. Without a beautiful, yet functional, website design, you could be losing out on plenty of opportunities to convert visitors to customers, and grow your brand online. Finding the right website design agency is critical to the success of your site, so be sure to take the necessary steps when selecting one to work with your brand online.