4 Tips for a Successful Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce is a tricky business. With thousands of life coaches and scammy websites out there telling you what you need to do in order to make money from your ecommerce website, you may not know where to start. That’s why we compiled these 4 tips for a successful ecommerce website - so you can stop stressing and start selling!

1. Create an Experience

Stop. Before you even start reading the rest of this list, you need to do some evaluation. Who are you? What is your website for? And more importantly, who are your customers? People don’t just buy things; they buy experiences and feelings, so figure out what your customer wants to feel or experience that will make them want to purchase your product. Then, use your website to create that experience for them.

2. Organize Everything

If your customer can’t find it, they definitely can’t buy it. Use categories and subcategories to make browsing your ecommerce website simple. Give customers as many filtering and sorting options as possible so that they can find exactly what they are looking for. Consider what qualities matter most to consumers and then allow them to filter and sort search results accordingly.

3. Pictures Matter

Your ecommerce website should be full of professional-quality photos that showcase your products in multiple angles. Be sure to provide close-ups of prints and patterns as well as the back view where relevant. All photos should be the same size and have the same color background for a cohesive look.

4. Get People There

The hardest part of any ecommerce website is getting potential customers to find you. Regularly updated social media accounts and a relevant blog focused on SEO, can help drive traffic to your site. Attending trade shows and vendor fairs are also great ways to raise brand awareness. You can even sell your products pop-up boutique style at many of these events.

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