3 Ways to Create Branded Content on Social Media

Whether you are just starting to develop your social media branding strategy or you are already a pro at creating branded content, there are plenty of tools out there to make your life easier. Read on to learn 3 ways to create branded content on social media.

Traditional Design Software

When you think of graphic design, Adobe and Corel automatically come to mind. These companies are powerhouses in the design world, and if you need advanced design options, you should definitely consider investing in some of their software. Adobe Illustrator and Coreldraw are best for creating vector images which can be resized indefinitely without losing detail. These work well for social media content because resizing and changing aspect ratios will never mess up your designs.


Back in the day, there were other competitors for low-cost online graphic design, but Canva has risen to the top by adding countless features that will simplify your life. You can design great social media content on their website for free. If you really want to up your branding, you can upgrade to a pro account which allows you to customize default fonts and color palettes, save templates, and resize designs for different platforms with the click of a button. No need to worry about remembering how many pixels the ideal Facebook post image should be. Canva has it all plugged in for you.

Hire a Professional

If social media is just one item on your neverending to-do list, save yourself time and improve your business by hiring a dedicated professional to manage designing branded content or your entire social media strategy. Professional designers and social media managers are always up to date on the social media content marketing trends and ways to make the best content around. By outsourcing this task, you’ll ensure that it is always done on time and done well. Since consistency and quality are the most important indicators of social media marketing success - hiring a professional is usually worth the investment. You know how important it is to have a social media strategy. Need help finding the right person to help develop or implement it? Check out our best social media consultants. (If you own your own design firm, get ranked here.)