5 SEO Trends that Are Ranking Up

Google unveiled its first algorithm for search engine optimization in the year 2000, and a new world of opportunity opened up. Fast forward nearly 20 years; modern technology has adapted and upgraded at lightning speed. The basic premise of SEO remains the same, but how we implement it is rapidly evolving. Here are five key areas businesses should focus on for SEO in 2019.  User-Centric Despite our technological advances, the foundational goal of search engine optimization remains the same: to help users find and identify content that is most relevant and helpful to their search. Today’s users can easily spot the difference between clickbait and quality content. SEO that isn’t focused on the user first is irrelevant. In other words, less can be more, so focus on quality content and thoughtfully crafted SEO incorporation rather than fluff-filled posts.  Mobile First Nearly half of the web traffic worldwide comes through mobile devices. Last year, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing as a response to the increasing number of mobile device-based searches. For businesses, this means that content is still king, but the presentation is equally as vital. Your site should have responsive design as well as quality content.  Social Media  As social media becomes more integrated into our daily lives, users are turning to their favorite social networks for information. SEO is just as important to social media as it is to other search engines. And while hashtags, quality images, and eye-catching headlines are important, the bottom line is that content matters just as much on social media as it does on your website. Keep the focus on the user and generate quality content to stand out from the clickbait crowd.  Voice Search  Alexa, Google, and Siri are household names. Digital assistants are here to stay, and as AI evolves users are turning to voice search more frequently. This means keywords and phrases are vital. When writing headlines, metadata, and content, think about your users’ speech patterns. If they ask a question, what will it sound like? Write content that anticipates not only the problem but the phrasing of the question or directive.  Image Search  Google’s 2017 image search upgrade was a game-changer. Users can now view images as a gallery without leaving the search engine. While that initially may seem to take the weight off of businesses to produce quality content, it actually means the opposite. Visual search is redefining SEO best practices, and it’s a natural combination with mobile web searching and social media SEO. What it means for businesses: use images wisely, and incorporate branded images when possible.  The Bottom Line SEO should always put the user first. Whether you’re writing new blog posts, branding images or incorporating voice search phrases, the bottom line is to focus on creating a quality search experience for your users. Help them solve their problems and answer their questions quickly.  At TDF, we help identify the firms who are leading the way in SEO and digital marketing trends. Check out our best SEO companies to find a firm that fits your company’s SEO and website design & development needs, or visit our blog for content and design inspiration.   
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