Typography in Logo Design: 4 Key Essentials

Typography in logos can be used creatively if designers take the right approach. Discover how your business can use typography to showcase your company’s vision creatively.  If your business is torn between a simple or abstract logo design, a typographic logo might be the best place to start. Typographic logos, or text-only logos, express your brand’s character through letter style, font choice, and color. Typography adds life to a logo beyond a combination of colors and shapes, and the use of a detailed and clear typeface can add an important message for your audience. For companies looking to design a new logo for their business and brand, it is key to break down the necessary elements of using typography in a logo design.
  1. Select the right font
  2. Think about readability
  3. Focus on logo voice
  4. Enhance business appeal and attention
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Select the Right Font

It is important to use the right font in your logo design to attract the right attention to your services. The Etsy logo uses a regular serif font that carries a traditional and professional tone. etsySource Their use of orange makes the logo stand out compared to other color choices. Orange is traditionally used as an accented color and not one that increases sales. But Etsy uses it to separate from the crowd of other online retailers. A logo’s font is a crucial part of how a brand wants to communicate their message to their audience. If consumers can’t read your logo, your desired message may not be delivered.

Think about Readability

The correct use of typography enhances the purpose of your logo. Businesses want to appeal directly to audiences; ensuring your logo is readable is a simple strategy to achieve that. The right use of color and graphics in any type of logo is as important as its text’s readability. The classic shoe brand, Converse, uses graphics and typography to showcase their brand’s messaging. converseSource Consumers can read the logo easily because the font itself isn’t too unique or overly exciting. On the surface, it is a simplistic logo – using all-caps and one color. The icon is well-placed within the design, which allows the focal point of the logo to stand out. When designing a logo, the designer should use the right visual elements that will make the typeface more readable.

Focus on Logo Voice

Typography in a logo adds value to the design and business. It provides a direction to the message of the logo, which can significantly influence the consumer. The New York Times logo does a great job of communicating an established and mature message to its audience. NYTSource Using an older-looking calligraphic typeface, the news brand shows its authority in the space. While it’s not the easiest to read, it does highlight their experience over newer competitors. Typography logo choices may help to induce the right emotion from viewers. Businesses can use logos strategically to get what they want from their consumers. It’s important for a logo to deliver the right message that highlights the company’s values, traditions, and mission in a positive manner.

Enhance Business Appeal and Attention

A nicely designed logo helps to enhance business appeal and attracts customer awareness. It can make the brand look more appealing to an audience. One of the most well-known logos is the FedEx logo. fedexSource This is a great example of logos that balance typography and design, which is clear based on the brand familiarity associated with the logo. The logo uses two colors to represent the different sectors of the company, along with a hidden arrow that signifies their quick delivery service. Big block letters are easy to read and attract attention. Overall, the logo exhibits a strong aesthetic appeal, which connects to audiences. This showcases that the business puts extra emphasis on detail and professionalism. Using the right typography grabs customer attention right away.

Send the Right Message Through Typography in Logo Design

Businesses that invest in logo design have to work hard to accurately represent their company’s message. Choosing the right typography, whether it’s for a simple, text-based logo or complex logo design, is extremely important. The vital role of typography can make or break a brand. When creating a new logo or redesigning an old one, companies must think about the image and personality that they want to convey to their audience. If your typography selection follows your brand closely, choosing the right font or typeface will come naturally.

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Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. Get started by submitting your project details.

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