Trending Logo Colors

Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand’s identity. Because it plays such an integral role in brand recognition, it cannot be changed constantly. Once it’s designed, it will follow your business for a long time. Elements of a logo may last the entire time your business is in operation.

So, it’s not surprising that one of the hardest parts of deciding on a logo is choosing the logo colors. You want to choose colors that are on trend, but you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle or wish you’d chosen something else in a year or two. Thankfully, many of the trending logo colors of 2017 are poised to stand the test of time.

Pantone’s Greenery

Pantone gives us a color of the year every year, and for 2017, it’s greenery. Greenery is a yellowish green taken directly from nature. Even though it is the color of the year for 2017, it is a grounded color that is sure to stand the test of time. That’s actually why Pantone chose greenery as the 2017 color of the year. In a world full of chaos, they believed that greenery would make us feel connected to simpler things. This fits well with the timeless nature of logos, especially when it comes to standing out in a competitive (and visually busy) online world.

Black and White

Minimalism is still the major trend in logo design, and some companies are taking it to the color palette, as well. Neutral colors in logos have been popular for the past few years, but black and white have still been viewed as too basic for logo design. Radical designers are using the stark contrast of black and white to stand out in a sea of neutrals. Plus, using black and white for your logo means that it can easily be adapted, and it gives room for your products or imagery to really shine.

Bright Colors

On the flip side, bright colors are making a comeback too, but that doesn’t mean that logos are full of competing colors. There are three very popular ways to use these bright trending logo colors. The first is to choose one color and pair it with white or less commonly, black, to create a simple branded image in a flat design. Another option is to overlay a bright color over a black and white image to create a duotone logo. The third, most interesting option, is to use gradients of one or multiple bright colors to create a seamless design. Ultimately, when it comes to bright colors, you want to be intentional with your use. Oftentimes, less is more.

These trending logo colors are a great place to start if you are wanting to create a modern logo that will stand out from the crowd and last for years to come. Looking to get started on a logo design project? Check out our list of the best logo design firms.