How to Use Logo Recognition for Your Business

Logo recognition assists businesses with tracking how their brand is perceived by audiences. How memorable your logo is can make or break your business and its success online. Learn how to use logo recognition to your advantage.  Brands invest a lot of time and money in designing logos for their business. They’re worth the investment. A memorable logo can keep your company top of mind for consumers. Logo recognition is one way to track the success of a brand and its logo. The process of logo recognition involves classifying multiple logos to identify their online presence. Logo recognition, by using AI-powered tools, can help teams find mentions of their brands without words. To find out how their logo stacks up against competitors, businesses should invest in a consistent logo recognition plan.
  1. Search for brand mentions
  2. Track negative and positive sentiment
  3. Analyze campaign success
  4. Understand user experience at a new level
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Search for Brand Mentions

Obtaining user insight into how consumers view your logo concept and brand will help inform your overall marketing strategy. Logo recognition software, like Visua, can track social media posts, shares, and comments across platforms. visua Even user reviews that share images or have videos of your product with the logo can be found through this software. Posters won’t even have to mention your brand by name; if the logo is in the image, consider it found. By tracking information for your consumer base on social media and other public forums, your company will be able to see their unfiltered thoughts – good or bad.

Track Negative and Positive Sentiment

In line with finding brand mentions of your product, logo recognition can measure any positive or negative sentiment regarding your brand. Through scouring comments and other community platforms, brands can find remarks made by their occasional buyers and loyal customers. It can help businesses track customer retention rates, make changes to their social media strategy, and even consider redesigning their logo if comments are going in that direction.

Analyze Campaign Success

Consumers need around 5-7 impressions before recognizing a logo. Through brand marketing tactics that increase customer awareness, businesses can see how well their logo performs compared to competitors. To measure the impact of your logo recognition, it’s important to understand:

  • Demographics of who is viewing your logo
  • Context in which they’re viewing it,
  • Engagement your posts  receive
  • Overall tone of the brand feature

If you’re running any brand, it’s imperative to understand where your brand appears in order to create more opportunities for engagement. Once you put a system in place for tracking, you can understand how your logo and brand performs across multiple platforms and parties. After that, companies can make changes to their marketing collateral if necessary.

Understand User Experience at a New Level

The main task of an extensive logo recognition process is to understand how consumers feel about your brand’s presence. Logo recognition and other image recognition identify visual assets of your brand across billions of online and editorial content. Such insights can give brands and businesses new ideas for creatives that meet their consumer needs and reveal new opportunities for collaboration with similar companies or with their own customers. Gaining these insights can help businesses form marketing and outreach strategies that will further benefit the end user experience for their target audience.

Tools for Logo Recognition

It’s likely your business doesn’t have a set resource that tracks your logo online. Investing in program design tools and other recognition software can benefit a business across teams. Take a look at these three logo recognition software that your business can use to ease any hiccups with social media tracking:

  • Google Image Recognition: Google offers a free service for businesses and brands that allows them to search online for logo appearances. Their paid version uses machine learning technology that helps companies determine how their brand is perceived by users and can process large amounts of images.
  • Visua: This software prioritizes social media. Brands can see how social media platforms use their logos. It helps brands see how their marketing efforts are working.
  • Amazon Rekognition: This software analyzes both images and videos. It gives real-time analysis while recognizing faces and detecting certain aspects of photos.

Whichever logo recognition software your team chooses to invest in, make sure that it is used as effectively as possible to benefit overall business needs.

Employ Logo Recognition to Benefit Your Brand

Logo recognition can provide a full picture for your business. It is a great way to hear from consumers without direct outreach. You can also measure how social media campaigns are benefitting your business. Invest in logo recognition and get ready to see the unfiltered truth about how your business is seen by consumers.

Need help selecting a company?

Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. Get started by submitting your project details.

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