Complex v. Simple Logo Design: A Key Choice for Businesses

A business logo draws audience attention and forms brand identity. While designing a logo for their business, companies can choose between a complex logo design or simple logo design. Discover the benefits of both design options.  In today’s world, a company’s logo is one of the most important design elements for a business looking to draw attention to their services. Along with selecting color, font, and the right logo designer, companies need to factor in what type of logo design works best for their business. For companies and brands deciding between a complex or simple logo design, this article will go into the benefits and notable examples of each.
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What Is a Complex Logo Design?

A complex logo design often includes different individual elements within a logo: For example, they may use both text and visual elements to get their brand message across to their target audience. Logos are the identity of a company’s business. In order to stand out, many businesses use complex logo designs to compete with their competitors. Since its inception in 1964, Doritos, the popular chip brand, has taken the idea of complex to heart. Throughout the years, the brand has experimented with color, text, and imagery within their logo. Doritos LogoSource While some might say that complex logo designs can be distracting and cluttered, a well-designed logo can attract attention and promote the right messaging while meeting customer expectations. Over the years, Heineken’s logo has gone through a brand evolution, starting with a complex logo design. HeinekenSource Their original logo contained a lot of different colors, design elements, and a pointed font. Now, their current logo is more simple, with just the brand name over a banner.

Benefits of a Complex Logo Design

A complex logo design can benefit a business if used well. A few examples of the benefits a complex logo design provide include:

  • Add variety to businesses: A complex logo design can attract more attention by showing a wide range of design elements that connect to the company.
  • Demonstrating creativity: Businesses thinking strategically about their logos can showcase their creative skills by designing a complex logo that draws the eye.
  • Communicating core brand messaging: A complex logo design gives brands the room to showcase their messaging within a small space. With a variety of design elements, a complex logo can connect with audiences at a first glance.

If created with purpose, a complex logo design can be an impressive and effective brand element for businesses.

What Is a Simple Logo Design?

It is all in a name – or image. A simple logo design can include a company’s brand name with selected typography or an image that becomes associated with the brand. A simple logo can also include colors associated with the brand. For example, everyone recognizes the golden arches of the McDonald’s logo. McDonald's LogoSource The logo uses McDonald’s brand colors and a symbol synonymous with the fast food establishment. The world’s most famous search engine has a recognizable, simple logo design. Google's LogoSource While Google’s logo has had a series of changes over the years, the brand has kept the logo simple from the start, not making any drastic changes.

Benefits of a Simple Logo Design

Unlike complex logo designs, simple logos may not speak too much to what the brand or business offers. But their simplicity can be enough to grab their target audience.

  • Avoids confusion: A complex logo can send too many mixed signals, but a simple logo design does the opposite. Simple logo designs often carry a singular message that, if effective, it communicates clearly.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Simple logo designs are typically more attractive because they’re easier on the eyes. In branding materials, a simplistic logo design will fit amongst other collateral.
  • Brand recognition: For businesses looking to invest in global branding, a simple logo design doesn’t become a hurdle internationally. With a simplistic design, there may be less no chance for language or cultural barriers.

A simple logo design can deliver brand messages quickly and without any room for confusion.

Choose the Right Logo Design Type for Your Business Needs

The main drive of businesses is to increase customer awareness in their market. An attractive logo design plays an important role in that. While complex logos are used by big name brands looking to show creativity and showcase various messages, simple logo designs may be more universally recognized and deliver a professional message. Logos, no matter the design type, are the perfect way for businesses to showcase their mission and vision in a succinct, visually appealing way.

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