HubSpot vs. Hootsuite: Key Differences

HubSpot vs. Hootsuite: determine which one is right for your business. While Hootsuite is a great management tool for social media campaigns, HubSpot offers more support for other digital marketing strategies.

Generally, people spend nearly three hours a day on social media scrolling through their timelines, commenting on posts, and liking pictures. Consequently, social media is unparalleled when it comes to connecting with customers and building brand awareness. 

However, creating a social media presence requires a lot of work. To be effective, companies must consistently post content and engage with customers if they want to catch their audience’s attention. 

To keep up with their work and stay organized, many digital marketing companies rely on social media management tools to schedule posts and track the success of their campaigns. 

Two of the most popular tools — HubSpot and Hootsuite —  offer similar features, including social media monitoring, promotion, and engagement, but each offers different benefits. 

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software that includes social media tools, along with a robust CRM and CMS. However, Hootsuite is specifically designed to be a social media management tool.  

For companies looking to get the most out of their social media management tools, choosing between HubSpot and Hootsuite can be tricky. 

This article will help you understand what features each platform provides, how you can use them to grow your business, and which platform is best for your company. 

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HubSpot Vs. Hootsuite: Features 

To determine which platform is most suitable for your business, you must ensure that they can help you meet your needs for social media marketing. The table below outlines what functions and features each platform provides. 

HubSpot vs. Hootsuite

While HubSpot helps users target buyer personas and personalize messaging, Hootsuite provides a more in-depth look at your social media campaigns. 

By isolating the performance of your campaigns on each site, you can adjust your efforts to optimize your campaigns. 

Hootsuite’s Strengths

Great for Project Management & Building Customer Relationships

Hootsuite makes it easier for companies to respond to comments and direct messages by delegating this task to team members. In addition to streamlining project management, this feature helps companies build better customer relationships. 

Creating a great social media campaign requires more than just a few posts. Instead, companies can get more out of their social media campaigns by engaging directly with potential customers. 

Can Post From All Social Accounts 

In addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Hootsuite users can publish on WordPress, Google+, and YouTube. 

Without an extra charge, companies can create up to five profiles to manage all of their content. Additionally, Hootsuite has unique dashboards that let users focus on each social channel individually. Overall, this helps companies track followers, engagement, and traffic more accurately. 

Keyword Monitoring 

Keyword monitoring helps Hootsuite understand what users are searching on social. Using this feature, companies can understand their client’s pain points and address them. 


Unlike other platforms, such as HubSpot, Hootsuite offers a free version of its platform. After that, users can get a plan for as little as $49/month

HubSpot’s Strengths 

Overview of Overall Digital Marketing Performance

HubSpot is more than a social media management platform. As a leading CRM, it also can be used to support a myriad of other marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.  

For example, businesses can publish blog posts in addition to their social media posts from HubSpot. 

By integrating your social media platforms with HubSpot, you can manage your digital marketing campaigns on one platform. This helps businesses understand their campaign performance across all of their website interactions. 

Understanding Customers 

Because HubSpot provides analytics and contacts data from other platforms, you can get more insight into your customers. As a result, businesses can keep track of all customer interactions more effectively. 

Additionally, HubSpot allows users to filter by buyer persona. Buyer personas are simplistic descriptions of a company’s ideal customers based on demographic information and factors that drive purchase decisions. 

Using this information, companies can increase the ROI by targeting customers more effectively on social media. 

Optimize Campaigns 

Timing is everything when it comes to social media marketing. To make your campaigns more effective, HubSpot suggests what times you should post your content. 

These suggestions are based on buyer behavior and data that predicts when your customers are most likely to be online. By following these suggestions, you can boost viewership and increase engagement. 

Easy Reporting 

HubSpot’s social media reporting makes it easy to calculate a company’s ROI. The platform automatically measures reach, interactions, and website clicks, which can indicate campaign performance. 

With HubSpot, you’ll be able to track exactly how many leads your social media content has generated. 

HubSpot vs. Hootsuite: Which is Better for Your Business

Due to their focus on social media, Hootsuite is better for brands that focus most of their marketing efforts on social media, while HubSpot provides a better overview of your campaigns as a whole. 

Consequently, industries that often receive a high ROI on social media marketing — such as lifestyle and travel, real estate, health and fitness, and beauty — can benefit more from a social media-focused platform like Hootsuite. 

However, if you’re investing a lot in other marketing streams such as email marketing, SEO,  or content marketing, you should consider a more robust CRM and CMS such as HubSpot. 

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