Top Resources for Creating Marketing Graphics

Making marketing graphics is one of those chores that never ends. As soon as you finish one batch, there’s another batch to be made. When it comes to creating marketing graphics, it’s all about having the right tools for the job. That’s why we’ve compiled the top resources for creating marketing graphics. Each of these top resources for creating marketing graphics excels in a particular area. Combine them all for a deluxe design suite or choose the ones that fit your needs best.

Canva – For Pretty Much Everything

Canva is the best place to start if you are looking for a one-stop shop for creating marketing graphics. They have a wide variety of templates, fonts, icons, design elements, and images available for use. The free version is incredibly robust, but the paid option is well worth the upgrade if you are interested in collaborating, saving your designs, and creating your own templates. When it comes to branding, Canva is the most all-inclusive graphics suite around.

Visme – For Interaction & Animation

If you are looking to add interaction and animation to your marketing graphics, Visme is a great place to start. Their platform allows you to create static images as well as interactive images with videos and animations. You can even record your voiceover walking readers through your graphic. The best part? They include analytics that show how many people viewed your graphic and how much time they spent viewing it.

Picmonkey – For Editing Images

Picmonkey has been around for ages and they know what they are doing. You can create collages of pictures or do complex photo editing in their photo editing space. You can also create images from scratch in their design space, but the options are less robust than in Canva. One of the benefits of Picmonkey is that you can use any font installed on your computer which is great for brands that use a specific or custom font.

Venngage – For Infographics

If you need to create an infographic, Venngage can help. They have countless templates that take the design guesswork out of infographic creation. They even let you sort through the templates by type of information which will save you tons of time. Instead of worrying about layout issues, you can focus on how to provide the best information to your readers. Plus, you can embed your creations directly to your website. – For Complex Data is all about creating understandable images from complex data sets. You can have your graphics update live by connecting sources like Google Sheets or Dropbox. They also let you search through public data from sources like the World Bank and the UN. There are 35 chart and 200 map options to display your data, and you can even make your designs interactive with toggled data sets, Slideshare integration, and embedded videos. This is a great tool for working with complex data, but most of the visuals are pretty basic, and the free version doesn’t allow you to change colors and fonts.

Many tools for making marketing graphics are cumbersome and/or expensive. Sometimes you don’t need the complexity of Photoshop or CorelDraw. You just need a good tool for creating marketing graphics that will not disappoint you. Try these and before you know it, you’ll be zipping through your graphic creation – and actually enjoying the process.

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