How to Find a Top Design Firm in Your City

Looking for a design firm for your next project? Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to find a top design firm in your city. (It’s easier than you think.)

Determine What You Need

Before you even start looking for a top design firm in your city, you need to determine what your project needs are. You should know your goals and budget before you start looking for a design firm. Compile this information into a brief document to share with potential design firms once you identify your options.

Find a Top Design Firm In Your City

The Top Design Firm directory is the best place to find a top design firm in your city. Scroll down until you see the interactive map of the United States. Click on your state, and you will be redirected to a page listing all of the cities in your state with a number next to each one. This number represents the number of design firms serving your city. Clicking on your city will bring up a list of the design firms in your area along with contact information and a link to the company’s website.

What To Do When Your City Isn’t Listed

If your city isn’t listed, there are no design firms in your city, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any local design firms you can work with. Look for surrounding cities (especially larger ones) until you find one on the list. If you live on the border of a state, be sure to look in your neighboring state for additional design firms serving your area. Still can’t find a local option? That’s okay! Many design firms work with clients remotely so you don’t need to live nearby. Here’s our list of the top design firms in the country.

What To Do When There are Multiple Design Firms In Your City

Multiple agencies popping up? Looks like it’s time to comparison shop. Share your brief goals and budgets document with the design firms on your list. Compare rates and portfolios (usually available online) to determine the best fit. Still not sure which one to choose? Set up a meeting and discuss your goals in person or ask for a list of references to call.

Are you a design firm looking to expand your reach? You should definitely get listed in our directory.