Top Schools to Attend for Logo Design

If you are creative, love art, and enjoy technology, logo design may be the right career for you. But what school is best for this career path? We’ve compiled a list of the top schools to attend for logo design. Each school on the list offers a highly-rated graphic design program preparing students for a career in logo design.

Rhode Island School of Design – Providence, Rhode Island

No list of logo design schools would be complete without Rhode Island School of Design. This is the most recognized design school around and tops every list out there. If you want the best education possible, this is where you want to be. Fair warning though; the acceptance rate for their BFA in Graphic Design is only 27%. You will need a pretty solid portfolio just to get in the door, but once you are there, you will work with the best faculty in the best program available.

The Pratt Institute – Brooklyn, New York

Known for their BFA in Communications Design, The Pratt Institute is dedicated to helping you develop practical skills alongside your artistic talents. You will receive a comprehensive communications education with training in illustration, advertising, and graphic design, but you will choose one of those three areas to focus your learning. For logo design, illustration or graphic design would be the best emphasis.

Any School You Want

If you can’t make it to New York or Rhode Island to work on your education, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a logo designer. Your specific degree may not factor into being hired by a client or employee. The most important thing you can do to establish yourself as a logo designer is to start building a portfolio of amazing logos that you have designed.

Whether you choose to attend classes at your local community college, take free lessons online, or just start teaching yourself design programs, building a portfolio can be done at your own pace and in your own way. Once you have some work under your belt, work for a reduced rate to build up testimonials and experience. Then, go after the big fish!

Working as a logo designer is a fun and lucrative career. Don’t forget to submit your design firm to our directory once you’ve established yourself!