Top 10 Web Design Firms – August 2015

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The results are in. Here are August’s Top 10 Web Design Agencies.

#1 – Big Drop Inc

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg}New York, New York

Expertise: Design, Branding, Marketing, Animated Videos  

Big Drop is a web design company that offers services in web design, development, branding, and marketing. Big Drop works directly with their clients and is dedicated to increasing their clients’ online presence. They focus on providing highly functional, yet aesthetically pleasing websites.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


#2 – Hudson Integrated Web Agency

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} Saddle Brook, New Jersey

Expertise: Design, Development, Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Hudson does it all: responsive sites, e-commerce sites, custom logos, and strategic digital marketing campaigns. Whatever you may need, Hudson will build it, completely customized to meet your specific business goals. They are dedicated to creating memorable and interactive experiences for online users.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


#3 – Isadora Design

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} Manhattan Beach, California

Expertise: Design, Development, Strategy, Animation

Isadora Design is a leader in handcrafted web design and development. Their detail-oriented team provides a sophisticated site every time. Isadora’s team of conversion specialists focuses on keeping your brand at the forefront of the competition.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


#4 – Lounge Lizard

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} New York, New York

Expertise: Web, Branding, UX/UI, Apps, Marketing

Lounge Lizard understands the importance of branding and marketing and has delivered results time and time again. Aside from their various other specialties, they truly shine in their Internet Marketing efforts. Lounge Lizard helps to build your brand and maintain an online reputation that you can be proud of.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


#5 – First Scribe

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} Minnetonka, Minnesota

Expertise: Design, Development, Internet Marketing

First Scribe uses their 50+ years of combined experience to bring your business goals to fruition. Addicted to quality, First Scribe refuses to outsource anything. Their unique angle continues to deliver clients maximum ROI. They pride themselves in their ability to adapt to the ever-changing Web design world.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


#6 – FI Fantasy Interactive

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} San Francisco, California

Expertise: Interactive Design, Development, Mobile, Applications

FI Fantasy Interactive focuses on creative strategy and interactive design. With UX as utmost priority, they approach website engagement with a heavy bias towards aesthetics and innovation. They develop smart designs that create disruptive experiences; something your customer won’t soon forget.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


#7 – Xplode Marketing

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} Sarasota, Florida

Expertise: Design, Development, Apps, SEO, Internet Marketing

Xplode Marketing is interested in providing aesthetic websites that truly perform.  This is a team that generates explosive and successful websites for companies ranging from startups to big e-commerce. Xplode Marketing designs dynamic, goal-oriented sites that will fulfill specific purposes.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


#8 – Blue Fountain Media

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} New York, New York

Expertise: Strategy, Design, Development, Online Marketing

Blue Fountain Media provides creative solutions for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 1,000. Before they begin any project, they make it a priority to understand their client’s’ business and industry. BFM is  focused on growing businesses’ online presence and do so with their bottom-line approach.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:



{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} Farmingdale, New York

Expertise: Design, Development, Strategy, SEO

HUEMOR is an interactive web design agency that prides themselves on being a true partner to each of their clients. They take the time to learn about their clients’ goals and how they operate. HUEMOR then builds high-end solutions that are strategy-driven, artfully-designed, and elegantly-engineered.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


#10 – Old City Press & Co

{#/pub/images/LocationofTop10WebDesignAgencies.jpg} Alexandria, Virginia

Expertise: Web Design, eCommerce, Invitation Design

Old City Press & Co. is a creative design studio that specializes in letterpress printing, invitation design, web and logo design, web development, and custom branding and identity. Their variation in service allows them to deliver on their passion: telling your story through great design.

Our favorite design from their project portfolio:


Congratulations to this month’s Top 10! We are looking forward to future Web Design projects in the months to come. In addition to our monthly design firm rankings, we will soon be launching rankings for logo design, mobile app design, and responsive web design. We are dedicated to delivering the top agencies to you. Stay tuned!

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