How to Market Your Web Design Agency Online

These five simple digital marketing tips can help your web design firm attract new clients and generate leads.

Diversify and Deliver Content

Your firm should communicate with clients through various social media accounts, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Which of these you use is entirely up to you and your marketing team, but each of these gives your firm a unique opportunity to personally interact with potential clients. By operating and engaging on multiple accounts at once, you can increase your client-base exponentially. Additionally, diversify your accounts by generating new content for each. This will bring in different groups of customers and clients who may not have found you otherwise.

Cater to Mobile Audiences

Being able to meet your clients’ needs on to the go is key to running a successful web design firm. More and more people are viewing the web on the small screens of their phones and tablets rather than on desktop computers. Running a responsive design on your website will transform it to fit to any screen, which ensures that your customers can shop and visit your site from wherever they are. With a responsive website, you are in touch with today’s dominant technologies and as well as with your customers’ needs.

More Pictures, Less Words

Image-centric websites, blog postings, and lists are gaining popularity among web-users, and you can see this trend on sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed. Cash in on this trend by using photographs to drive your key points home. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, businesses that incorporate infographics see more shares of their articles across social media than websites who do not. This means that the more images you use, the more likely people are to read and really digest on your content, thus making them more likely to share it with friends and family.

Use Ad-Retargeting Reminders

As an emerging trend, ad-retargeting uses algorithms and code to create ads for your business on other websites your potential clients visit. For example, once a user visits your website, cookies will note what

other sites they visit. Ads for your business will then appear on these later websites in order to keep your brand fresh in their memory when they start to seriously seek out web design firms and agencies. Taking advantage of this new form of web marketing can greatly increase your site traffic, and is an easy way to keep potential clients thinking about you.

Rank Your Firm Online

Finally, if you choose to list your business in an online directory that specializes in web agencies and design firms, you are unlocking doors to millions of potential clients who would never have known to search for your business. At Top Design Firms, we seek out and professionally rank the best web design firms across the globe in order to connect them with clients seeking exceptional web design services for their businesses. Listing with us will give you access to clients – both local and worldwide – who are seeking skilled professionals to build their websites. Get started by listing your design agency with us today for free.