How to Choose a Web Design Firm: 4 Things to Look For

Great website design matters. If a website takes too long to load, about 40% of visitors will abandon it, according to Econsultancy. If you’ve already spent a fair amount of money on SEO, online marketing and PPC, all that investment can go down the drain if your website, ultimately, isn’t appealing enough to consumers or makes them distrust your products or services.

Actually choosing a web design firm, however, is no easy task. A decade ago, it was popular to hire the freelancer offering the cheapest going rate for their services for building a website. Today, companies realize that creating a website isn’t a one-and-done process. Rather, it’s an ongoing engagement process that businesses need to stay on top of.

So: what’s the secret to choosing a web design firm for your business’s website? Here are four things you should look for.

Look for a Consistent Track Record

This isn’t necessarily about how long a company has been in business, but rather, what their performance has been like over time. You’ll want both past performance data, as well as previous client testimonials. The websites may be for completely different industries than what you’re aiming for, which is why you’ll want to concentrate on data (end customer satisfaction,lead generation, click-through rates, increased online sales, load times, etc.) rather than just subjectively asking whether or not the site “looks good.”

Ease of Making Changes

You’re hiring a web design firm because you don’t know how to make websites; that much is clear. What this means is that you’ll want to work with a company that helps you to keep your website engaging and dynamic. This means that you’ll be able to make changes, whether it’s adding a page or uploading an image.

Ideally, There will be a tool/access point you can use (a content management system, or CMS software), independently of the design company, to make these small but necessary changes. Or, make sure you understand their invoicing procedures beyond the initial design period.

Know What You’re Paying For

There is no industry where it isn’t tempting to go for the lowest priced option. And in certain cases, this option can make the most sense for what your company needs, and what your budget has to be. However, be wary of getting a “great deal” for hundreds less than what other companies are asking for.

Functionality can vary widely from website to website, as can the amount of research that goes into creating a website that is smooth, navigable, fast and SEO-friendly. You wouldn’t be the first or last company to purchase a super cheap website — only to have to pay for a new one six months later, for all the reasons outlined above.

Great Communication

When you send an email asking for a website quote, did they take three days to get back to you, or two weeks? Do they ask pointed and relevant questions about your industry and site needs, or seem relatively unconcerned with tailoring their services to your company?

Look for a company that communicates quickly and professionally. If you ever run into trouble with your website, you’re going to want to get someone on the line quickly before you lose sales — you don’t want to wait on an email that takes another four days to arrive. Business 2 Community advises a related note: don’t opt for offshore companies. It’s asking for a communication problems down the line.


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