4 Types of Marketing Strategies in 2019

The right marketing strategy is very important for the success of any business. It seems like a fairly simple topic, but it is broader than you think. Hit the Google button and you will be surprised to see how many types of marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.

Finding and using the right type of marketing strategies can help you grow your business and make your brand stronger. Many businesses use different types of strategies in their operations. But the goal is always the same, to better connect with the customers and grow.

Let’s explore the most common 4 types of marketing strategies here.

1. Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is the best way to grow your business fast. The owner of the business has to pay for the advertisements. There are traditional ways such as TV, magazines, Newspapers, etc., and then there is internet marketing. For online marketing, you also have to pay for advertising agencies. They in return will run paid product and services advertisements on different forms of the internet including social media networks. With this kind of marketing, you can get in front of your target market immediately.


2. Transactional Marketing

Due to the growing business scenario, it is becoming difficult to reach assigned targets. Even if the business is at its peak, it becomes very tough to meet the assigned sales targets. To achieve this, brand owners offer discount vouchers and coupons to increase sales. This way, more and more consumers are attracted to your brand because they like to buy promoted/discounted products.


3. Diversity Marketing

This type of marketing strategy is also known as “Cultural marketing “or “Ethnic marketing”. The purpose of this marketing is to cater to people from different backgrounds, religious beliefs, customs, views, and specific needs. A customized marketing plan is developed by analyzing all of the above segments to make more sales. Through this strategy, the brand can develop a good relationship with the consumers and draw traffic towards his brand.


4. Relationship Marketing

As the name suggests, this type of marketing strategy is developed to create a healthy relationship between the owners and the consumers. It focuses on customer retention and satisfaction rather than acquisition. If customers are satisfied with your brand, they will buy pricy products as well. They will stay loyal to your brand. It costs more to gain new customers than to keep the ones that you already have happy.

These 4 types of marketing strategies, along with the other ones available, have made it easier to promote your business and services. All of these strategies have great synergies together. Keeping in mind all of the above-mentioned marketing strategies, you can choose one or more that suits your business best. You can also combine different strategies to grow your business faster.  Start by analyzing your current marketing plans. If they are not successful, you have to start from scratch again. Test a few marketing strategies and see if they work or not. Also, do not forget to carry out these strategies with utmost perfection so that you can gain maximum output from it.