How to Craft a Product Roadmap Presentation for Your App

Building a product roadmap presentation is essential for showcasing your product’s vision. The product roadmap presentation discusses what your product offerings, the direction of your product overtime, and clear objectives. Learn how to create an effective presentation for your mobile app’s stakeholders. Besides your target audience, your mobile application should be appreciated by your stakeholders. A product roadmap presentation is one of the first opportunities to showcase your mobile app or development project to different stakeholders and potential customers. A product roadmap is a high-level visual representation that maps out the vision and direction of your product’s offering. It communicates all of the strategy behind your product. A clear product roadmap presentation showcases your vision and the work of your development team. This article will go into the goals of any product roadmap presentation and how to build one successfully.
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What are the Goals for a Product Roadmap Presentation?

Your product roadmap presentation should have several main goals:

  • Describe the vision and strategy of your product
  • Provide guided documentation or a plan for executing that strategy
  • Align your internal stakeholders
  • Discuss options and other marketing plans
  • Strategize on how to communicate with external parties and build customer awareness

With all of these goals in mind, your product roadmap presentation will clearly articulate your product’s vision and how it benefits the business.

How to Build a Product Roadmap Presentation:

  1. Identify the Vision & Audience
  2. Create a Story for Your Audience
  3. Set Clear Outcomes

Identify the Vision & Audience

If you’re building a mobile application or another digital product, you should know why. One of the goals of a product roadmap presentation is to showcase the strategy and vision. It is crucial that is known while putting the presentation together and going through the idea screening process. You should be able to speak to any high-level strategy, product and company vision, and other priorities. Your presentation should also be geared towards your audience. You must know their motivations, deadlines, and experience. That will help mirror your presentation toward their expectations. Be able to speak to how your product aligns with all parties involved and their targets.

Create a Story for Your Audience

To make any presentation engaging, the presenters need to tell a story. The strategies for building a mobile app might not be fascinating but the presenters can remedy that. Through documenting the journey of your product, include as many visual experiences as possible. Within each point of the presentation, there should be an element that demonstrates how it connects to the audience. Use graphs, storyboards, timelines, and other content that will showcase your mission. product roadmpaSource These images can help improve communication while ensuring the project stays on track. A product roadmap presentation should spell out a schedule – this provides the opportunity for people to ask questions and provide feedback. Make sure that your presentation is open to all of these. It will show that you genuinely care about their opinions and advice. It’s easier to align all stakeholders if they’re motivated and excited about what’s to come.

Set Clear Outcomes

All presentations, no matter the subject, have a conclusion. Your stakeholders should leave the product roadmap presentation knowing the value of your mobile app or digital product. Your product roadmap presentation should show outcomes that make sense. This can include deadlines for launch, download goals, and other milestones. It can also be a simple goal for the product. If you want to build a mobile app that works well in the mcommerce space, that can be your final outcome. As much as you want your presentation to have engaging content and elements throughout, you want to conclude with a clear picture that will keep your audience excited about your product’s future and what it will bring to the company.

How to Give a Product Roadmap Presentation:

Public speaking isn’t everyone’s strong suit, but to deliver an engaging product roadmap presentation, you should excite your audience.

  • Exude confidence and enthusiasm while speaking
  • Avoid staring at the presentation and not your audience
  • Be clear and concise with your messaging
  • Prepare to be flexible while presenting to a crowd – anything can happen!

All of these presentation traits will benefit your product’s success and credibility.

Plan a Product Roadmap Presentation for Your App’s Success

A product roadmap presentation isn’t only about sharing information. It is about promoting your product’s strategy while persuading your audience that the objectives you’ve laid out are the right journey to pursue. A well-thought-out product roadmap presentation is visually appealing, strategic, and engaging. Provide succinct touchpoints for your product, clear outcomes, and recognize how your product will bring added value to your business. At the end of your product roadmap presentation, your audience should be motivated to continue the next steps in your digital product’s journey.

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Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. Get started by submitting your project details.

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