Best Practices for Mobile Retargeting

If a business is looking to re-engage with customers, mobile retargeting serves as a key strategy that boosts app retention and drives engagement. Discover the best practices for mobile retargeting for any business. While apps have become a significant part of daily life, app abandonment continues to be a negative factor for a lot of businesses looking for success in the mobile app world. Mobile retargeting refers to ad campaigns that target people that have visited your mobile app in the past. Based on that user’s behavior, businesses can launch personalized ads that encourage them to re-visit and hopefully re-engage with the app again. Before spending money on a retargeting campaign, businesses need to learn the best practices of mobile marketing and mobile retargeting to ensure their app gets results quickly.
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Invest in Quality

Businesses are already investing in high-quality designs for their mobile apps. Transfer that energy to your mobile retargeting and user retention efforts. Creative visuals make campaigns compelling. Strive to use interactive and visually appealing images to make your mobile retargeting campaign stand out from the rest. All types of media (videos, graphics, photography, etc.) can be effective elements to use. Airbnb uses their listings to their advantage when it comes to their retargeting and informative advertising. For users searching for a new vacation destination, the customized retargeting ads will show different options for destinations they’ve searched for. AirBnBSource These ads are direct – reminding users of their services to make them return and book a trip. By researching your users, you can see what preferences they have when it comes to app advertising, which can increase the success of your creative work.

Personalize When Possible

Each customer is different. The more personal your business makes your mobile retargeting campaigns, the better they will perform. Personalizing your company’s mobile ads can reduce ad fatigue. With targeted ads that have rotating creatives and personal information, businesses can attract more users and increase their conversion rates. By looking at past behavior, businesses can see what determines why they were interested in their app and what may have caused them to abandon the app. For example, if the user looks at a specific product before abandoning the app, ads with similar product recommendations can be triggered and can reignite customer awareness of the app and product. Personalized ads also increase the opportunity for more exposure to your audience as well. The more unique ads they see, the more likely they are to be hooked by one of them. Just avoid being annoying.

Measure Value

Businesses launching a mobile retargeting campaign need to be able to measure the value of their efforts. Get ahead of the game by splitting your target audiences into groups. By experimenting with different campaigns over a period of time, companies can test how each type of ad performs with each group. Companies can also measure how much time users spend viewing the ads and if they’re making purchases after seeing a specific one. With this information, businesses can identify their best performing ads think determine ways to apply those in future campaigns and business decisions.

Think Proactively

Mobile retargeting reminds consumers what a business offers them, putting their app at the top of their mind. It is important for your businesses to think similarly when structuring your campaigns. Businesses should think critically about the purpose of their app and their app’s goal. Once that is in mind, companies can start drafting potential mobile retargeting campaign ideas. You want to think of reasons why a user might leave your app to prevent that from happening. Companies can also think proactively while tracking their mobile retargeting campaign performance. These campaigns allow businesses to develop a total view of their users, which means they can see what type of content or marketing strategy will attract them. For example, if a user viewed a lot of advertisements that mentioned sales but only purchased one set product, think about what in that ad attracted them to close the deal. After understanding that information, businesses can craft similar mobile retargeting messages.

Focus on Retaining Customers

Existing users are even more valuable than new ones. The main goal of a mobile retargeting campaign is to keep your customers engaged and happy. That should also be the main focus of your campaign’s messaging. Your app should always highlight its importance for the user. A mobile retargeting campaign isn’t a success if the user comes back for one more purchase but never returns again. It needs to be a targeted effort that drives toward creating repeat customers. Having an engaging end user experience and dynamic advertising content can strengthen your brand.

Optimize Your Mobile Retargeting Campaigns

To leverage and optimize mobile retargeting efforts, businesses should follow these best practices for their mobile applications.

  • Focus on the quality of your mobile retargeting campaigns
  • Strive to make the mobile experience as personalize to the user as possible
  • Think about the value that mobile retargeting can bring to your business
  • Be proactive while following your campaign’s progress
  • Make decisions that will retain your customers

Mobile retargeting is critical for businesses looking to acquire long term users of their apps. Companies should keep in mind that it is equally as important to prevent the users from lapsing in the first place. Many mobile retargeting campaigns should begin right after onboarding to maintain the original momentum with consumers.

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Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. Get started by submitting your project details.

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