Mobile Marketing Platform: What Businesses Should Look For

Businesses should invest in a mobile marketing platform to track the success of their mobile application. To find the best fit for your business, companies must consider several factors in their selection process.  The way consumers run their lives and receive access to information is constantly evolving. As a result, businesses best measure these insights and adapt their advanced marketing strategies changes consistently. A mobile marketing platform is a tool that is tailored for the specific marketing needs of mobile teams. A mobile marketing platform can help connect businesses with their consumers, monitor buyer behavior, update their product offerings, and change the app’s content. Businesses looking to engage with their customers while running a successful mobile app or mobile web browser service should think about investing in a mobile marketing platform and mobile marketing company that fits their needs.
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How Do Mobile Marketing Platforms Work?

Studies show that about one in five users deletes or abandon an app after one use. To prevent this, a mobile marketing platform can aid businesses in creating an engaging end user experience that will keep users coming back. Mobile marketing platforms help businesses deliver targeted messages to potential users that are likely to engage, often through automation.  They deliver targeted and personalized emails, push notifications, and in-app messages to keep users checking back to the app. Mobile marketing platforms also offer businesses with features and insights geared toward retaining users on mobile platforms.

A Wide Range of Flexible Channels

If your business is working with various marketing channels for your app – e.g., two-way messaging, custom deals and coupons, mobile wallet marketing, in-game advertising, etc. –  a mobile marketing platform must provide the ability to run all of your mobile engagement channels from a single location. It also fits in other channels. Leanplum is a multi-channel mobile marketing platform that offers A/B testing and other capabilities for businesses. LeanPlumSource These capabilities allow Leanplum and its users to connect with the right users with the right message using the right channels. A mobile marketing platform must have the ability to engage with customers as they switch devices while still providing that seamless customer experience. For example, if a customer is using an app on their iPhone or iPad or is browsing on mobile, their experience should be consistent across each device. To select the right mobile marketing platform, companies need to look at their functionalities before moving onto other areas.

Real-Time Engagement

Regardless of the industry, brand familiarity and awareness is key. To keep your consumers coming back, having an app that delivers real-time engagement that’s controlled by your mobile marketing platform is a key step. A mobile app can send a variety of notifications and messages to its users depending on the scenario: If a user failed to log in or if they left an abandoned cart, businesses want to alert their users. Having a robust mobile marketing platform helps those automated messages reach their targets quickly. As part of a customer’s journey, there are certain targeted messages all businesses want them to receive. With an optimized mobile marketing platform, real-time communication is also possible. CleverTap is one mobile marketing platform that offers features that create an engaging mobile experience. CleverTapSource It also helps deliver an omnichannel experience that engages users at different points in their journey. Help desk and chatbot functionalities allow apps to responsively reach out to their users when prompted. All of this information is tracked within a mobile marketing platform, providing insights into customer behavior on the actual app.

Content Management

An efficient mobile marketing platform allows businesses to offer dynamic content for both the user and the team behind the scenes. Businesses can promote their products and services within their mobile app by delivering engaging content. Teams can plan and create diverse campaigns with promotions, rewards programs, and more. With the goal of creating personalized and relevant editorial content for users, mobile marketing platforms allow businesses to add new features like outside app integrations or communication portals to their products. Businesses can also manage functionality and layouts and update pricing. A mobile marketing platform should also have a reporting system that helps businesses gain insight into their users. Some platforms contain personalized and customized reports that can meet their needs. With all of the key insights tracked in a digestible format, businesses can start making any needed updates to their mobile applications.

Segmentation Capabilities

A mobile marketing platform allows businesses to gain detailed information about their user base:

  • Who is looking at your products?
  • What are they buying?
  • Who is muting notifications?

Understanding a user’s interests, personality traits, or even hobbies can help businesses target the right people at the right time. Swrve is a mobile marketing platform used by Warner Brothers and Verizon. As an all-in-one platform, the service gives brands and businesses the ability to identify and act on consumer needs with individual personalization. SwrveSource By finding this and other demographic information, businesses can segment their results by user location, inactivity, and other in-app behaviors. Platforms like Swrve can collect customer data, trigger messages, and then analyze the findings for reports. Using this information will help your app’s targeting. Messages can be more specific, which will lead to stronger conversions.

Find the Right Mobile Marketing Platform for Your Company

To build a strong relationship with app users, a business needs to look beyond the design of the app. A mobile marketing platform helps businesses understand how to target and communicate with their customers in an effective way. A successful mobile marketing platform provides:

  • Flexible communication channels
  • Real-time engagement features for users
  • Engaging content for consumers and internal users
  • Segmentation capabilities to track demographics and behaviors

There are a lot of elements to consider when selecting the right mobile marketing platform for your company’s mobile app. Take the time to get a clear idea of what you’re looking for before making the decision.

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Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. Get started by submitting your project details.

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