What is Mobile Content Marketing?

In a world where mobile devices are a staple for most people, mobile content marketing is key for businesses looking to target performance and attract new customers. The infinite scrolling on our smartphones continues to rise. With over 200 million smartphone users in the US, most Americans spend over five hours on their devices daily. All of this time spent on mobile devices is a good opportunity for businesses looking to hire a mobile app developer to build a product that will market to customers. Mobile content marketing helps companies perform well against competitors through prioritizing readability, relevance, and responsiveness. This article defines mobile content marketing, how businesses can use it in their apps, and what its benefits are in the long term.
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What is Mobile Content Marketing?

Mobile content marketing is a content marketing strategy optimized to engage mobile users. Mobile content created by businesses as part of their mobile content marketing strategies can be shared across channels such as their blog, social media accounts, and mobile app. Before getting started with a mobile content marketing strategy, companies should leverage their skills when it comes to choosing the right components.

Benefits of Mobile Content Marketing

The purpose of mobile content marketing for businesses to connect with and earn loyalty from their target audience through their mobile devices. Similar to content marketing, the benefits of mobile content marketing include:

  • Higher customer engagement that creates loyal and trusting relationships
  • Visibility through mobile and web channels can lead to increased new conversions
  • Brand familiarity that helps target audiences align more closely with the company

For your business to start their mobile content marketing journey through their new app or website, begin with one of the following strategies:

Types of Mobile Content Marketing

There is a variety of different mobile content marketing strategies businesses can use:

  • Written & visual content
  • Mobile SEO
  • App Design

Written & visual content

It is important that your mobile editorial content is succinct. Visual and written content is key to attracting users that are on the go and prone to multitasking through different mobile apps. Users of the Netflix app are faced with a mixture of written and visual content every time they browse for a new show for their commute. For each show, Netflix provides a short blurb about the program. With one quick read, viewers can see if the show is the right fit for them. For visual aspects, a preview of the show is also displayed along with the ranking of the show in a set location, which can also encourage parties to check it out. Netflix Short paragraphs, headers, and conversational voice are all strategies that mobile content marketers can use to engage audiences through written content. Eye-catching designs and cohesive elements such as bold fonts and clear icons also can help attract attention to visual components. While Netflix’s use of written and visual content encourages users to check out their latest shows, B2B companies can use similar advanced marketing strategies to market products within their app.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the practice of optimizing a website or app for users on mobile devices and tablets. A great mobile content marketing strategy includes mobile SEO to boost the content’s ranking. Apps, like websites, need to rank for target keywords in search results in an app store or on mobile search results. Mobile SEO includes optimizing an app’s loading speed, content organization, and more. Businesses can also optimize their mobile apps through SEO strategies that can help with app rating, app titles, and content within the app.

App Design

To ensure that all content is displayed correctly on mobile devices, businesses need responsive app design. This involves making sure all of the app’s pages render correctly despite the size of a device’s screen. A consistent app design increases brand familiarity with customers and makes it easier for users to interact with. Recipe mobile apps are a great example of balancing informative advertising content with a visual experience that’s easy to navigate. Apps like Tasty, a large online food network, contain recipes all in one place. With all of that information, a simple app design is crucial to the app’s success. TastySource Well-organized content with an appealing visual design is a prime strategy for a successful mobile content marketing initiative.

B2B Companies Should Invest in Mobile Content Marketing

Businesses with mobile should optimize their marketing efforts. With many people consuming content through their phones, a business needs to create content with that user in mind. Extend the mobile app experience by further connecting your audience across all devices.

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Based on your budget, timeline, and specifications we can help you build a shortlist of companies that perfectly matches your project needs. Get started by submitting your project details.

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