5 Steps for Creating an Innovative End User Experience

The mobile app development process starts and ends with the user. Having a defined end user experience in a mobile app is important for a brand’s user perception.  Meeting the needs of the customer is a priority for any business, product, or service. An end user experience includes all aspects of the user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. Having a clear and innovative end user experience is a deciding factor for any mobile app’s success. Without a quality end user experience, an app is likely to fail. This article outlines five different strategies for businesses looking to maintain the best end user experience design in their mobile app.
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Create an Efficient Onboarding Experience

To bridge the gap between potential users and success stories, a mobile app must have an efficient onboarding process. A streamlined onboarding process reduces the chance for app abandonment and paves the way for user retention. A successful onboarding experience shows users the value of an app by showing what they can achieve as users. To maximize this for users, businesses need to create processes that encourage users to stay onboard. A tutorial explaining how to use the application is a good starting point – just make sure it’s succinct. Businesses also can cut back on the time it takes to join the application. For example, Spotify offers a quick registration process for new users through its integration with Facebook. SpotifySource Instead of making users fill out a lot of information, Spotify gives music listeners the option to create a new account with few identifiers or simply sign up through their Facebook account. While the onboarding process begins an app user’s journey with the service, it is a clear indicator to users about the entire end user experience with your product.

Prioritize Usability

All apps with a successful end user experience are, for lack of a better word, usable. Mobile app usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy a system’s interface is to use. It includes the layout of information, editorial content, design, and other elements that enable users to accomplish their purpose for using the app. Businesses can help their apps achieve this clear example of end user experience by guiding users throughout their app journey. For example, guide users through where to swipe, tap, and click. Make sure that these guidelines are the same for all elements within the app. If users can delete items with a click, make sure that is the same rule for all. Usability also factors into the look and feel of the mobile app. Make sure that all of the text is well-spaced and that all of the buttons and links are an appropriate size. All of these details can seem small, but can lead to a successful end user experience for all parties.

Use Behavioral Gesturization

As part of improving your app’s end user experience, it is important to introduce user actions when interacting with the app. To achieve this, it is key to understand how your users behave. Behavioral gesturization involves user interactions through small gestures. Examples of this include scrolling, pinching, or swiping. For instance, swiping on a dating app could mean you’re interested in getting to know someone more or never want to hear from them again depending on which direction your finger drags. Study how your users behave and use it to your advantage. Once you know how your users behave, you can make them feel more comfortable by providing updates or streamlining specific functionalities. Tracking key behaviors is an easy way to create an end user experience that makes everyone happy without even realizing it.

Put Trustworthiness and Security Front & Center

Like with any long-term relationship, trust and transparency are key building blocks. To win the trust of your users, showcase your security measures as transparently as possible. A lot of times, users are overwhelmed with a long list of business jargon once they download a mobile app. If your app users don’t trust you with their data, it doesn’t speak well for brand loyalty. Businesses should ensure that their mobile app database is secure and that all of their policies and practices are clearly outlined, so each user will feel more secure accepting any relevant permissions. Allow your users to control how much of their personal data is shared within an app. That level of comfort will impact the user’s experience as well as their faith in your business.

Personalize the End User Experience

Personalization can significantly benefit users on any mobile app. Personalizing relevant content and material can be done by leveraging user data such as location. Food delivery apps like DoorDash provide users with the best options in their area, organized by cuisine type, delivery time, and more. DoorDashSource As users order more food from the mobile app, their options become more personalized. Their favorites will be listed straight away along with new local restaurants that fit previous experiences. Effective personalization also can even be as simple as adding a user’s name to messages or wishing them happy birthday by offering them a deal. Use individual information and other mobile content marketing strategies to drive the best results and end user experience.

Be Thoughtful With Your App’s End User Experience

Delivering an optimized end user experience for different parties involves many factors and elements. It is important to satisfy users while maintaining business objectives. With transparent security guidelines, personalized services, or clear usability, businesses can start an optimal experience for all parties. The more aligned an end user experience is with a user’s needs and preferences, the more likely the user is to continue using the mobile app.

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